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New Data Warehouse
and BI System

DV Info Ltd. provides IT support services for the Municipality of Debrecen, the Mayor’s Office of Debrecen, and the nine firms of Debrecen Asset Management Ltd. (Debreceni Vagyonkezelő Zrt.), a holding responsible for the operation of the city (public parking, waterworks, airport, etc.).

Together with DV Info Ltd., our task was to design and create a completely unique, new data warehouse and a BI system (DWH) for the firms of Debrecen Asset Management Ltd. Our solution resulted in an integrated, new, and more cost-effective system.

The challenge

The new data warehouse needed to be integrated, allowing users to access data from different systems. The first one was the client’s ERP system, which they set out to renew simultaneously. The BI system also needed to be fully functional when it was introduced to one of the companies in the holding. A further challenge was to create a solution that could be introduced to all the companies in the holding. This raised the question of data classification and data management: users needed to be granted access to certain information based on their permissions, especially when it came to centralized data.

Our next task was to replace an existing reporting system and create all of its reports in the new DWH. The most important aspect was that the data should be in one place and that the exact same reports from years ago should be available to the users in the new system. Last but not least, it was also a key priority to reduce the yearly operational costs of the existing BI system.

Our solution

Special needs demanded a special solution. After six months of R&D work, our dedicated team created a completely new system architecture based on Microsoft Power BI Premium and various Azure Cloud services (e.g. Data Lake, Power Automate, Synapse Analytics). This was the first time this solution had been devised in Hungary.

Just a couple of months after we introduced the new system, Microsoft launched their new product line, Microsoft Fabric, which integrates technologies like Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI into a single unified product in the same way that we did. We feel this vindicates our innovative approach to the solution we provided for our customer. We are also confident that, by adding a personal touch, we managed to find the right solution for them in the long term.

The result

We managed to deliver the system on time, and everyone had the possibility to access the tools of the new BI system just as the ERP system was introduced. Also, by creating a data warehouse without a database server, we managed to eliminate a crucial element from the architecture, thus reducing the yearly license and operational costs.

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