Yettel Hungary

Self-care mobile
application development

Yettel Hungary is a dominant player in the mobile telecommunications market in Hungary. Over the past 10 years, we have worked closely with them, and we have become strategic partners. We have developed a number of critical and essential backend systems, as well as the Yettel self-care mobile application.

We provide support services concerning the application and our systems, and we have taken a pivotal role in introducing agile methodology at the company as well.

'Astron is our long-time trusted partner in agile app development. Their dedicated, high-quality work is well reflected not only in business results but also in customer satisfaction, which is the most important for us.'

Zsuzsanna Varga-Hering, Digital Director, Yettel Hungary

The challenge

As a strategic partner to Yettel (previously Telenor), we have been there since the beginning, starting with developing the company’s first mobile app, which was called MyTelenor. In the nearly ten years that have passed since then, there have been a number of changes at the company, as a result of which the app needed to be rebranded.

Our main target was to reach exceptional code quality and good system stability to support high user satisfaction, which translates into consistently high ratings in the app stores. This was a strategic goal and especially important for the project in times of change and rebranding. Furthermore, as time progresses, mobile is becoming more and more important and will probably serve as the primary self-care channel for Yettel in the near future.

Our solution

With such a widely used app, stability was always one of our key priorities when designing the app and the backend system. Our 24/7 support team also contributes a great deal to achieving this goal by fixing any unexpected issues with short and consistent SLAs.

We had an active part in building the app; we worked together with Yettel to find the best technical solution to business requests or problems, which was especially crucial during the two rebranding phases when the whole app was redesigned. We are always open to innovation and new challenges, which is why we have started using Flutter, transforming the whole process of mobile app development.

The result

The Yettel self-care application has the highest rating out of the three major telecommunications companies’ mobile applications in Hungary. The app runs smoothly and serves its users with malfunctions and system failures at minimum. It has evolved both technologically and in terms of design and functionality to stay up-to-date or even ahead of its time.

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